3 Tips for Engaging Your Event Audience

There are a few things we've learned in running events and parties on Zoom and here we're going to share three of them! 

What usually happens on Zoom? It's either one person speaking to an audience that is very easily distracted and likely surfing or checking their phone messages, or it's a free for all and no one is being heard. 

Have a Host

A host, or a chair if it's a meeting, has the responsibility to lead the event and engage the audience. Call people out by name, in a good way! Your host can ask everyone to type in the chat where they are from, or what department they work in. Anything that will get people interacting in a good way. And then keep asking everyone to chime in. Make sure they are understanding the information that is being presented. 

Have an Audience Coordinator

The job of this person is to let the host focus on leading the event by monitoring the chat, seeing how engaged people are, do they look like they're listening and enjoying the event? The coordinator can then privately message the host and suggest people for the host to call out for an interactive segment. The coordinator can also compile questions, or answer not related to the topic, like, "will the slides be available?" And they are your event booster! While your host is busy 'on air' your audience coordinator can also be engaging with everyone in the chat, and if they're also on video they can be a super engaged participant to get everyone else to boost their game!

Use Breakout Rooms

One thing we are all craving is more 1:1 interaction. Why not use Zoom's Breakout Rooms feature to help people connect? But don't just send them in without instructions! Tee up an objective before you assign breakout rooms. It could be as simple as sharing their work challenge during covid. Or a bigger task like brainstorming ideas for a product launch. Don't forget you can message the breakout rooms, too, to send another question in for them to answer. 

Watch for more tips in our next post!