Have your best company event ever delivered by the Zoom Company Events experts! Featuring a team of technical experts and event producers, your event will be memorable, fast-paced and fun-filled.

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Our online store shows you the full details for company event or party. It can include games or audience engagement activities, media release distribution and entertainment, depending on your budget and objectives.

Most of our clients use the consultation option. But if you want to engage our team immediately, you could use the checkout selecting a party or event as your base. Either way, we're here to provide an event that suits your needs, and will be in touch asap to review your event details and finalize your event plan. Once we've reviewed with you your event agenda, we'll confirm your event strategy, event date, rehearsal times, and the members of our team who will be delivering your event. 

If there is something you want that isn't included, let us know and we'll do all we can to help. 

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Our aim is to make your next online event or launch your most fun and memorable yet. When you're in a hurry or want to get things rolling with a conversation, just use our consultation request form and we'll build a list of your top wishes and must haves. Then we'll follow up with a detailed proposal and quote. 

What's Included

Whether you choose an Event or Party, each will include a dedicated team

  • Event Manager
  • Live Event Host
  • Live Technical Support
  • Live Audience Coordinator

Corporate Events may include:

  • Press Release creation and distribution
  • Cameo celebrity greeting
  • Entertainer
  • Visual asset creation for social media and email promotion
  • Q&A prep for speakers

Parties will include your choice of Games and Activities, such as:

  • Trivia Contest
  • Name That Tune
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Pictionary
  • Karaoke


  • Branded Background
  • Video of your Event

Planning for all events include an initial consultation, a technical runthrough, and speaker technical training. 

More Entertainment Options

  • Magic Act
  • Comedian
  • Wine Tasting
  • Cocktail Making

    Fun Add-ons

    For an additional fee you can customize your event with: 

    • Cameo Celebrity Greeting
    • Professionally Produced Highlights Video 
    • Custom Invitations
    • Virtual Scrapbook

    Sample Itinerary

    We'll build your event agenda with a fast-paced roster of activities, speeches and special moments. 


    Got more questions? Let's chat

    Use the Consultation Form to get your event plan started. We look forward to speaking with you and making this your best event ever!