Company Party


Need to give your team a thank you, a celebration, an opportunity to just left off steam while being together safely? Create some great memories and cement bonds with an entertaining and engaging event with us.

Parties can include a feature entertainment, like a magic show, comedian or a cocktail making, or be a mix of party games and activities. A one hour event typically includes 3 activities and a couple short speeches, or if you prefer a ninety minute event we can provide a mix of entertainment and activities.

Planning is done in consultation with your team, then we’ll confirm the agenda, assign dedicated event personnel, and book your event for your chosen date as well as a technical rehearsal. 

Every party includes: 

  • Account Manager / Producer
  • Party Host
  • Technical Support
  • Live event facilitator for games and chat support
  • Branded background

Games include: Trivia, Name That Tune, Karaoke and more. You might also want to add a Celebrity Greeting, a Souvenir Digital Scrapbook or other custom items for an additional fee.  

Fees are customized based on the number of attendees, length of event, type of entertainment and activities.


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